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Effects in Oil & Gas Systems

Bacterial growth can create many adverse effects in oil and gas systems. Most oilfield environments favor the growth of anaerobic bacteria. Anaerobic bacteria thrive in oxygen free systems, but can also survive in oxygenated systems under certain conditions. The unchecked proliferation of anaerobic bacteria, primarily sulfate reducing species, can result in numerous problems in oil and gas production systems

  • MIC – Microbially influenced corrosion
  • Metal embrittlement
  • Iron sulfide deposits/scale
  • Plugging of formations and equipment with biomass and iron deposits
  • Decreased injectivity in water flood and disposal systems
  • Generation of hydrogen sulfide
  • Greater hazards associated with increased hydrogen sulfide content in system

Mitigate Bacterial Growth

Complete removal of bacterial populations from producing and injection formations is virtually impossible. The most effective approach is to diminish populations and limit growth through proper chemical applications.

The application of a microbiocide is as important as choosing the most effective compound. Our team of technical experts can develop a complete treatment program based on field and laboratory data that will enable us to adequately negate the effects of bacterial contamination in your production system.

Products We Offer

IMPACT! provides a full range of EPA registered microbiocides that will mitigate bacterial growth and extend the life of your well and equipment.

  • MB-20
  • MB-GA15
  • MB-GA25
  • Bardac 2250
  • Anolyte
  • Dazomet