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Chemical Sticks and Pellets

“Foam” sticks are the most requested and used chemical stick compounds in the natural gas production industry. These sticks are designed to foam and lighten the liquid column permitting the formation pressure to “unload” the fluids from the well and subsequently allowing the well to produce natural gas at maximum capacities.

IMPACT! supplies a diverse line of chemical sticks and pellets that not only deliquify gas wells, but also provide corrosion inhibition, scale inhibition, scale and solids removal, biomass removal, iron chelation, salt inhibition, and friction reduction.

Our Stick and Pellet chemistries include but are not limited to the following types of materials

  • Acid Sticks
  • Black Water Sticks
  • Corrosion Sticks
  • Corrosion Pellets
  • Scale Sticks
  • Surfactant Sticks
  • Water Treating Sticks
  • Water Treating Pellets