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It is estimated that 80-90% of crude is produced as an emulsion. In a normal emulsion, water droplets are suspended in the oil phase of the produced fluids. The stability of an emulsion or the time required for the oil and water to separate is often dependent upon the solid, paraffin, asphaltene, and organic acid content of the produced fluids. In addition, chemical additives such as corrosion inhibitors, bacteriacides, and surfactants can also increase the stability of emulsions. IMPACT! will test each site independently and will provide a complete analysis of product compatibility and functionality. Our trained representatives will also survey your production and separation systems and make recommendations to provide optimum treatment rates and application sites. Because many emulsions are stabilized by paraffin and asphaltic compounds, we also provide combination paraffin dispersants and emulsion breaker chemistries which will reduce the need for high treating temperatures and prevent the build-up of heavy interfacial pads and paraffinic tank bottoms in surface separation equipment and storage tanks. IMPACT! has a diverse line of demulsifiers that are specifically designed to achieve rapid oil-water separation at minimal cost to the operator!


  • IEB-12
  • IEB-13
  • IEB-14
  • IEB-15
  • IEB-17
  • IEB-18
  • IEB-19
  • IEB-20
  • IEB-21
  • IEB-22
  • IEB-23
  • IEB-25
  • IEB-26
  • IEB-27
  • IEB-28
  • IEB-29
  • IEB-31
  • IEB-32
  • IEB-33
  • IEB-34
  • IEB-35
  • IEB-36
  • IEB-37
  • IEB-38
  • IEB-40
  • IEB-41

Paraffin demulsifiers

  • IPEB-80
  • IPEB-81
  • IPEB-83
  • IPEB-84