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IMPACT!ing the Petroleum Industry

IMPACT! was formed in 2010 by our core executive management team. Our core management team currently consists of 7 people with a combined 150 years experience in the chemical business. Our sales team has a combined tenure of 407 years in the chemical business. Our technical team is lead by Sherry Hogue who has 30 years experience in the chemical business, along with 20 service technicians available for field operations. Our 60 person support team consists of administrative, laboratory, plant operation, and delivery personnel.

The team came together with a common vision and focus on unprecedented quality, results and most of all, customer service. The team knew to attain this, a strong foundation of experienced and knowledgeable employees, of all levels, had to be assembled. Now with 171 employees in 15 locations and 4 states IMPACT! remains focused on our customers and incomparable results.

We are dedicated to you!

IMPACT! offers a complete line of chemistries for the oil and gas industry. The team will furnish monthly reports that chart and graph technical data, chemical usage and cost analyses. Failure data will be furnished and our technical team is always available for monthly failure meetings. IMPACT! offers a full service, state of the art laboratory; chemical engineers, expert chemists, and technicians are available to identify and solve production problems.