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Health, Safety and the Environment

Safety Is Our Key Ingredient

Our right to operate and our reputation in the oil and gas industry depend upon our adherence to:

  • The prevailing laws, regulations and technical & ethical standards
  • Our moral obligation to ‚Äútake all reasonable actions to not harm any person or the environment
  • Customer Policies
  • A culture promoting safety and environmental responsibility


We are committed to planning and performing our business activities to ensure that adverse effects on people and the environment are avoided or kept as low as reasonably achievable through the following:

  • Thorough training
  • Regulatory knowledge
  • Accountability at the management level
  • Personal responsibility for all employees
  • Education
  • Communication

IMPACT! Delivers a Commitment to HSE Principles

  • Training
    All personnel meet regulatory compliant HSE training
    requirements established by the US Code of Federal Regulations, company policy, and customer requirements at their time of hire and periodically thereafter.
  • Audits & Meetings
    Mandatory safety meetings as well as facility and vehicle audits are conducted monthly at all IMPACT! locations.
  • Culture
    IMPACT! has established a safe and environmentally sensitive culture through conscientious business planning, employee education, and leadership.

We strive to make an IMPACT! through our HSE Practices

  • Regulatory expertise
  • Maintained contact with our customer base to ensure unity in our HSE approach
  • Established relationships with regulatory officials in all of
    our operating areas
  • Safety compliance memberships (ISNetworld, Veriforce, NCCER, OQSG)

Setting the Standard

  • Advanced Hazard Communication System: Global Harmonized System
  • Extensive Drug & Alcohol Testing: DOT-approved FMCSA and PHMSA Policies
  • Waste Minimization
  • HSE Performance Incentives

DOT Department

  • Entry level training for all commercial drivers (Regardless of experience or skill level)
  • DOT inspection clearances recognition program (Incentive awards for DOT roadside inspections with no violations)
  • Pipeline compliance memberships (ISNetworld, Veriforce, OQSG)
  • Certified Operator Qualification (OQ) craft trainers (Veriforce, NCCER, OQSG)
  • All pipeline personnel maintain current OQ certification (Veriforce, NCCER, OQSG)