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Remediation Products

Small oil and brine water spills are a fact of life and are inevitable in the oil and gas industry. IMPACT! offers quick response and a variety of remediation compounds that will restore your soils nutrients and growing capacities.

Salt contamination can damage soil and completely devastate affected vegetation. We can remediate and reverse this damage by replacing the sodium with a stronger and more favorable cationic source. ReStore S provides plant nutrients and removes sodium ions to restore soil fertility and encourage re-growth.

Oil spills can also destroy vegetation, contaminate groundwater, and adversely affect wildlife habitations. Micro-Blaze is a bioremediation product that is a proprietary blend of wetting agents, nutrients, and strains of safe, non-pathogneic Bacillus bacteria. This compound will break down the contaminants into smaller molecules which will allow degradation by the microbes into harmless byproducts such as carbon dioxide, water, and trace salts.

IMPACT! also provides environmentally friendly liquid and chemical absorbents. Green Stuff is a non-mineral phenolic resin absorbent that is virtually compatible with any chemical and will allow greater absorption capacity than typical clay/litter products. Because much less absorbent is used, less total labor is required for clean up.

Remediation and Absorbents

  • ReStore S
  • Micro-Blaze
  • Green Stuff