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Scale Inhibitors

During the process of oil and gas production, temperature and pressure changes often create conditions that are favorable for the precipitation of mineral scales from produced water. The amount of scale that will precipitate from water is dependent on temperature, pressure, pH, mineral content, and water compatibility.

Common Scales and Deposits

  • Calcium carbonate
  • Iron carbonate
  • Calcium sulfate
  • Barium sulfate
  • Iron deposits

Problems created by scale deposition:

  • Under-deposit corrosion (premature equipment failure)
  • Enhanced abrasion (premature equipment failure)
  • Restricted or complete loss of fluid flow through production, separation, and transmission equipment
  • Lower efficiency of heated vessels
  • Increased operating costs

IMPACT! will analyze the dissolved constituents in your water and develop a predictive model for each well that will enable us to determine appropriate products and applications to prevent and remove these deposits.

IMPACT! furnishes a complete line of cost effective scale inhibitor chemistries to prevent the growth of scale and to maximize flow of fluids from the formation and through your production and transmission equipment.

Scale Inhibitors

  • ISIW-300
  • ISIW-301
  • ISIW-302
  • ISIW-303
  • ISIW-310

Scale Cleaners

  • ISIW-315
  • ISIW-350